On this page you will find, in alphabetical order, Brandon’s ongoing and previous projects. Clicking the title or graphic will take you to that project’s website for more information.


Culinary & Mixological Arts

Since 2006
Brandon is a hobby chef and bartender, with strong emphasis on the latter. Some of his favourite recipes are available on the Portfolio page. If you ever want him to cook you dinner and make you drinks, feel free to book it – the cost is $15 to pay for ingredients and ensure he doesn’t go broke playing restaurant.

Ottaqua Marketing

Since 2012
Brandon works as a web and graphic designer, developer, copywriter, and multimedia director under the alias “Black Moor” for Ottaqua Marketing. He manages a small team of other creatives to help him with contract work.

Social Sport Leagues

Since 2013
Brandon fields a team of coworkers in the Boston Ski and Sports Club soccer league, after immensely enjoying his time playing rec sports in Ottawa. His previous team, the Royal Tuesdays, have continued to play softball with the OSSC in his absence since 2014.


Since 2013
Brandon is developing a few television pilots. More to come as this project progresses.


Computer Science Student Association

Brandon served variously as President, VP Social Affairs, and VP Communication. He ran many events, social and philanthropic alike, and revised the constitution and executive structure of the organization to run more efficiently. Brandon twice planned and executed “101 Week”, the first-year orientation for incoming computer science students.


Brandon introduced the Humans vs Infected game, or HvsI, to uOttawa in 2008 as part of his duties as CSSA VP Social Affairs. The game has grown significantly without him, and continues to be one of the most popular annual events at the University. It is based on Humans vs Zombies, originally founded at Goucher College in 2005.

Liberal Party of Canada

Brandon is the Membership Secretary for the Nepean-Carleton Federal Young Liberals. He records and publishes minutes of the meetings and maintains a list of the NCFYL members. Brandon also runs recruitment drives and assists with policy development and event planning within the organization.

North Hastings High School

Brandon shared the role of Minister of Spirit and Special Events in his senior year at North Hastings High School. He coordinated themed spirit days, having a unique theme every week throughout the year, turned the school cafeteria into a movie theatre once a month, and hosted school assemblies.

Ottawa CitySun

Brandon was an editor and author for the Ottawa CitySun, a satirical publication centred on Canada’s capital. He wrote under several aliases to avoid potential issues with the target of his snark, but has suspended the project due to a lack of other consistent writers.


Inspired by the online quiz craze among teens of the new millennium, Brandon and colleague Andrew created Quiz200, a quiz site with a fan-favourite quiz 200 questions long. The Quiz200 grew into the Quiz1000, a lengthy and effective way to kill a day at school or work. The Quiz1000 has since been lost to the sands of time, but Brandon retains the domain for personal use.

Silverlines Philanthropy Corporation

Brandon is a founding board member and Chief Operations Officer of the Silverlines Philanthropy Corporation. He has a long and passionate history in philanthropy, and Silverlines is the sum of all his efforts. Helping sick children, seniors in need, and people with mood disorders, Silverlines brightened lives in the National Capital Region from 2009 through 2014, but with limited funding streams and Brandon’s departure from the Ottawa region, the charity is currently on indefinite hiatus.

Silverlines – Kind Sol

Brandon coordinated the social and fundraising events around the city to help out sick kids. Before 2012, Kind Sol was simply a fundraiser for Child’s Play. Today, it is on hiatus, along with Silverlines.

Starcraft Club

Brandon was the president of the University of Ottawa’s Starcraft Club. He also coordinated the competitive team in the Collegiate Starleague.

Student Federation of the University of Ottawa

Brandon served as the Faculty of Engineering representative director on the Board of Administration from 2009 to 2011. Over his time at the University of Ottawa, Brandon also worked as the SFUO’s webmaster, raised funds for Shinerama, and assisted in planning school-wide events.

University of Ottawa

Brandon earned an Honours Bachelor of Science with Specialization in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa between 2006 and 2013. He also began an Honours Bachelor of Arts with Major in Linguistics part time as an interest course, but moved to Boston before completing it.